Wednesday, January 09, 2008

6 Things I'm Thanking God For

So many times we wait for really big things to ask or thank God for (and yes, grammar-freaks, I know that's grammatically incorrect, it's a dangling participle or something ridiculous, but "for which to ask or thank God" sounds snotty. So sue me.). So today I've compiled a short list of small things for which I'm thankful (there, happy?):

1. Coffee

There's really not much else to say about this. Although I am truly a morning person, I love and desperately need my daily cup of coffee to really function clearly.

2. Rain boots

One of my best purchases ever, my galoshes are not only fashionable and cheery on ugly gray days (such as today), but highly practical when walking New York City streets and sidewalks. Especially at the corners, where there tend to be ginormous puddles. With my rain boots, I can just prance right through, instead of trying to figure out a graceful way to jump over them, which inevitably ends up in wet feet when I miss by a few inches.

3. Clinton's win in NH

Yes, I know yesterday I blogged that I'd have voted for Obama, and right now he's still the candidate I'd support, but Clinton's win makes the race interesting. I hate when things are one-sided. Oh, and if you are also still undecided, want an unbiased look at candidate's experience and positions on issues, and don't have much time, try Project Vote Smart.

4. An old, beat up sweatshirt

I have this lovely sweatshirt I've had since high school. It's really big on me and seen better days, but on mornings such as this, when it is fairly warm outside (50s F), it is just a little chilly inside my room (heat doesn't come on when it's that warm and the windows let the cold in). So I'm appreciative of the sweatshirt I could throw on when I got out of my warm bed!

5. Jeans

This past semester I attempted to change my wardrobe choices a bit and wear things other than jeans most days. It didn't work. I'm a jeans girl at heart. Today I'm wearing one of my favorite outfits: jeans and a white button-down shirt. Classic.

6. Did I mention coffee?

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  2. Nice blog. I'm not a fan of coffee but I agree with most of what I read on your blog. Great title.